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While Australia has no shortage of excellent association football events and leagues for the average Aussie punter online, there have been many benefiting from the excellent odds being offered for leagues outside of the country. For example, many have been utilizing online bookmakers and wagering venues to place bets on the incredible opportunities being offered to punters for Brazilian soccer. The fact of the matter is that Brazil is one of the most successful and prestigious nations within association football and soccer worldwide and this is the main reason that so many Australians have begun to pay attention.

Soccer World Cup 2014

Indeed, Brazil’s part in worldwide football has been recognised by FIFA, with Brazil being named the official hosts of the 2014 Soccer World Cup. With twelve Brazilian cities hosting the 32 teams to participate in the final, Brazil has spent millions preparing for the World Cup.

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Brazilian Soccer

There are many good reasons that so many Australian punters and fans are interested in Brazilian soccer. Perhaps the most notable is the fact that the sport is extremely popular in both Australia and Brazil and Brazil has been able to provide Aussie punters with some incredible soccer action and betting options all year round. The Brazilian soccer national team has been quite successful over the years with a record five FIFA World Cup wins in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002. In fact, a good example of the success the national team has had is the fact that they have qualified for every World Cup ever held and are the only team to do so. This has made the Brazilian soccer national team a favourite for many of the most prominent international tournaments being held throughout the year and in return has helped the team and the sport in the country receive tons of attention from Australian fans and punters.

Campeonato Brasileiro S?rie A

By far the most popular league in the Brazilian soccer world is the Campeonato Brasileiro S?rie A, which is officially the top tier of professional football in the country. Commonly referred to as simply the Brasileiro, the league is contested among the 20 top clubs in the Brazil and utilizes a relegation system. The system will see the bottom four teams from the league related to the Campeonato Brasileiro S?rie B, while the top four teams from Campeonato Brasileiro S?rie B will be promoted to Campeonato Brasileiro S?rie A. By far the most popular team within the Campeonato Brasileiro S?rie A is S?o Paulo who have won the league six different times making them the most successful Brazilian soccer team.

The format for the league is actually known as a double round robin, which utilizes a point system to ultimately declare the champion. Due to this reason, there is not actually a typical final match. However, this system was only introduced in 2003, which caused some controversy at the time. This wouldn’t stop the popularity of Campeonato Brasileiro S?rie A and the league still manages to attract thousands of Australian punters online to this day. Some of the more recent champions in recent years include S?o Paulo with championship titles in 2008 with 75 pts in 38 matches, 2007 with 77pts in 38 matches, and 2006 with 78pts in 38 matches, Corinthians in 2005 with 81 pts in 42 matches, Santos in 2004 with 89 pts in 46 matches, and Cruzeiro in 2003 with 100 pts in 46 matches.

Campeonato Brasileiro S?rie B

Of course the second most important league for Australian punters when it comes to Brazilian soccer is the Campeonato Brasileiro S?rie B which is the division second only to the top tier Campeonato Brasileiro S?rie A. The league is also contested among 20 teams with the top four being promoted to the prestigious Campeonato Brasileiro S?rie A. The main reason the league is so popular is the fact that many punters are keeping track of the better teams in order to be able to predict which teams will be competing in the Campeonato Brasileiro S?rie A during the next season. The fact is that every seasoned punter knows the importance of staying on step ahead of others and this is definitely one of the keys when it comes to Aussie punters interested din Brazilian soccer. Some of the more recent winners include Corinthians SP in 2008, Coritiba PR in 2007, Atl?tico Mineiro MG in 2006, Gr?mio RS in 2005, Brasiliense DF in 2004, and Palmeiras SP in 2003.


The number of great association football opportunities for Aussie punters online is quite incredible these days. However, by far one of the biggest new trends is the ability for Aussies to place wagers on leagues based outside of the nation such as the popular Brazilian soccer leagues. There are many excellent wagering facilities these days providing Australians with incredible chances to bet on Brazilian soccer’s most prestigious league, the Campeonato Brasileiro S?rie A. With 20 of the country’s best teams competing, this is definitely the main attraction for all Australians interested in Brazilian soccer.
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